Find Me In Your Heart

Please check out Dustin Tavella music video titled “Find Me In Your Heart”, dedicated to anyone who has ever lost a loved one. At the end of the music video you will see the tribute to DJ Hideo. Thank you to Dustin Tavella and Todd Curry for this.

Three Years

Friends, teachers and members of Scratch DJ Academy, come together again in celebrating the life of DJ Hideo. Thank you all for coming out, it was great to see everyone!

(April 25th,  2013 at Pitfire – Los Angels, California)

Two Years

Teachers and students of Scratch DJ Academy,
getting together in remembering DJ Hideo.
Thanks everyone!

(April 30th, 2012 Pitfire – Los Angeles, California)

Stacks TV

(DJ Tony Jr. & Toquon Tha MC)

I had the privilege of visiting some good old friends of DJ Hideo and was very happy to present them and Stacks TV with the DJ Hideo LIVE LIFE art piece. I had a blast catching up and talking with host Toquon The MC & DJ Icey Ice. Thanks to everyone, including the behind scene crew for such a great time.

(November 11th, 2011 @ Stacks TV – Long Beach, California)

2011 DJ Hideo MVP Award

Congratulations to DJ Ill Set for being the third recipient of the DJ Hideo MVP Award. Presented and given by The Bum Squad DJz for “Outstanding Work, Leadership and Contribution in 2011″.  Thank you to Latin “LP” Prince and the entire Bum Squad DJz for all the love and continued support!


A tribute page in honor of DJ Hideo with the American Cancer Society to help educate and spread awareness to everyone about colon cancer.
Please do your part to know your family health history and to find out when getting  a
colonoscopy is right for you.